Envol en Voix voice workshop and music therapy: voice and music as a means of self expression

In individual sessions or groups in Geneva and Versoix, Anne Bolli accompanies you to help you discover your voice or free you from painful areas through music therapy

Music therapy: Express yourself through sound for self healing

Used in a therapeutic relationship, sound and music can heal numerous ailments (mental suffering, stress, relationship difficulties...) or simply help you in your personal development

Singing together...

Instrumental in terms of well-being, our voices gain us relaxation, energy, better body perception, and greater harmony with ourselves and others

Tinnitus and hyperacusis therapy

Did you know? One form of music therapy can provide relief for impaired hearing

Prenatal singing

Bond with your child before it is born through the vibrating sound of your voice and train your breathing in a relaxed and fun atmosphere



Our voice says much more about us than we imagine.

It can be our best ally in our relationship to others as a valuable resource to relax and rendezvous.

Our voice is a vibrating instrument. We do not feel the vibrations most of the time, we use it so often ...

Our voice is connected to the respiratory, digestive musculoskeletal and neurovegetative system… It often seems to us not to be part of the body, yet more than 300 muscles are necessary to emit (sounds) and control it ....

Our voice gives us space in and around us; it can betray us and say about us what we would prefer to keep silent about ...

Our voice is unique in the world, just like our fingerprints; it is immediately recognisable by our loved ones, who also hear straight away if we are in good shape or not ...

Our voice is a vibrating instrument. We do not feel the vibrations most of the time, we use it so often ...
In short, our voice is an extraordinary phenomenon that we often perceive as trivial ...

Tap into your voice the Envol en Voix way or discover your voice in all its dimensions.

No musical prerequisites are required.

Dare to sing and use your voice better

Envol en Voix voice workshop, in individual sessions or courses for small groups organised by the Association Envol en Voix, is aimed at people who wish to dare to sing and use their voices better: to have a voice which carries more with less effort, be heard better in public or by your loved ones, dare to sing even if you think you sing out of tune, are hearing-impaired, visually impaired or shy...

The objectives of individual or small group sessions are:

  • Reconnect the body and voice through tried and tested simple physical and voice exercises
  • (Re)discover and dare to express more fully your spoken, shouting and singing voice
  • Use your voice to consciously benefit relaxation or stimulation

Therapeutic work on self-image and certain representations of relationships may be necessary in order to embed the new dimensions of your voice.

A means of personal and relationship well-being

Our voice is a projection of ourselves and an intimate reflection that is both tangible and intangible.

Depending on our way of emitting sounds, it soothes, relaxes and stimulates those around us as well as ourselves. These different ways of emitting the sound of our voice can be learnt.

By using our voice consciously, it can be a simple and effective resource to help us to establish harmony in our daily lives and re-establish balance at difficult times in our lives.

The course entitled Tapping Into Your Voice the Envol en Voix Way (learning physical voice exercises and vocal game exploration)

  • Can be carried out in individual sessions or in small group courses 
  • Gives access to workshops and courses of the Association Envol en Voix Songs of the World (physical voice exercises and simple songs of the world for several voices) and Envol en Voix Songs of the World and improvisation (physical voice exercises, songs of the world and improvisation).

Find out here the programme and dates of workshops, sessions and other practical information.

Do I need individual or small group sessions?

Any undertaking concerning the voice is a personal undertaking in relation to our own history. You may feel very vulnerable here, which would then require individual rather than group support, or even the support of music therapy.

A pre-session meeting will enable you to choose which option will suit you best. Contact us for more information.

Customised sessions entitled Tapping into your voice are offered to professionals whose job involves using their voice: teachers, carers, therapists, speakers, etc.

For small group workshops, see the programme below:

Association Envol en Voix

Association for the School and District of Versoix

Audio extracts

Here are two extracts recorded during our workshops:

Songs of Hara, Participatory Workshop for Songs of the World

Bolowé African Song

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