Sound massage with Tibetan singing bowls

"Sound massage" according to Hans de Back is a treatment technique that uses the vibration of singing bowls. Through contact with the vibrating bowl on all or part of the body, the vibrations penetrate the body, spread through the bones and flesh (consisting largely of water and hence an excellent conductor of vibrations) and trigger internal stimulation and deep relaxation. A unique sensory experience, an indescribable journey per se and into a world of vibration!

The state of relaxation, anchoring, physical and psychological rooting that results from such a massage may bring feelings to the surface which contribute something new to the paths of development for the person being massaged, or even better integration of their therapeutic process.

The full treatment can last up to 1 hour 30 minutes.

Indications: states of stress, insomnia, anxiety, depression... before exams (academic, driving licence, for example) or just simply for well-being!

Contraindications: the wearing of a pacemaker, pregnancy.

Hans de Back, Dutch psychotherapist, masseur and musician has been developing the sound massage technique since 1974. He has perfected precise protocols of sound accompaniments, which are methodically taught worldwide with humanism, which characterises it.

We issue gift vouchers for a sound massage session with the Tibetan singing bowls. Contact us to order a gift voucher.

French-speaking practitioners licensed by Hans de Back for sound massage:

In Geneva: Anne Bolli

In Bienne: Marianne Grasselli Meier