Daring, taming your voice? Welcome in the world of Envol en Voix 

(inscription through Association Envol en Voix)

The Magic of chanting together

8.09 2019 / 3.30 to 5pm  /Abbay of Bonmont /VD

Without booking /no musical prerequisites / entry ticket to the abbey CHF 5.-/drop in and out workshop

Tame your voice automn workshops 2019 (we 7-8 sept sold out/ some places in we 23-24 nov)

Tinnitus, hyperacousis, phonophobia? Method TIM  Dr Cramer Germany can help you!

Prenatal singing, small groups or individual sessions, infos + 41 76 348 68 14

Envol en Voix voice workshop and music therapy: voice and music as a means of self expression

In individual sessions or groups in Geneva and Versoix, Anne Bolli accompanies you to help you discover your voice or free you from painful areas through music therapy

Anne Bolli is a specialist in music therapy for more than 10 years

Learn more about music therapy and its benefits